The reminiscence of the Parisian-esque alleyways soaked with the smell of overnight spilled-liquor was the thought process that came into mind when I wondered how in the eyes of ‘stereotypical couture’ would not be “caught dead” in the streets with the obvious disparity of classes. I called that disparity ‘art’.

Another tear-jerking, weepy-eyed moment as per Maticevski’s 50 shades of affair with Ryan Storer’s silverware – Dion Lee delivered and upped the ante. Curating fluidity in the foundation of the collection on equal balances and going back to basics, the eponymous label that has been known to be a powerhouse to functional minimalism to womenswear … Continue Reading

And while I try to justify the awestruck moment I experienced, the beauty between the complementary juxtapose elements have brought a new meaning to my work and inspiration in editorial value. With curating a runway show that explains that street-luxury is not indifferent to the conventional fashion that everyone has grown one-sided to, it is about time we learn the true culture of fashion in its equal rights and diverse of expectation of trends to come.

So to speak that winter this year has got me catching on the serious flat-foot hugger syndrome. I’m practically turning into an advocate in channelling comfort rather than the experience of the short life struggles in heels. Loafers are starting to regain its ‘top spot’ on my to-go footwear list after being monopolized in “heels” for the past year. I had to rectify the justification of my sheer decision that I had biased myself and get back to the realness of flat-footing. Hashtag short people problem.

In collaboration with Cotton On’s 91:LTD Collection, got me reminiscing those 90’s days when denim were the rugged staples that made acceptable to the ‘cool’ statement – for me, it was probably that denim bell bottoms were the saving grace to skirts (like my parents would attest). Then again, who doesn’t love a good pair of comfort denims to-go – rhetorically speaking, I believe. Good denims should never be discriminated in the light of their brands but the end resulting quality and cut.

Once you go denim, you’ll never go back.