It was the Sunday morning whilst in the mid-way through the blistering Aussie summer, and I found myself prancing around my local tropics at Botanic Gardens. As conflicted this may sound like and if we round up the whole equation thus far, I may have probably already inflicted myself with the bad case of hyperthermia – close but no. Though I have to admit, during last Sunday’s golden hour in Adelaide’s sedative dry heat; I have found a momentary appreciation for the Amazonian tropic vibes and right down to the prime botanical atmosphere that I had intended to liberate my creativity to. It’s a pretty new setting for Silhouettes of Chic as most of my time spent are usually desk-related or bounded by the concrete jungle bustle. Although I had to endure the outrageous degree of perspiration during the visit (and, the traditional commuting on foot under the blatant heat), I probably had one of the best “time outs” away from the dust-filled and highly adhesive work desk back home.

“Take a bloody breather”, says 2016 resolution.

Back to business…

Shockingly (and more importantly, awkwardly), I had turned to turn tables with 2016 wardrobe choices and had dared myself to form my allegiance to anything interesting or partly bare(?), rather resorting my defeat to shorts again. Akin to my latest favourable work with Absolut Botanik – I had confided myself to working with brands that have two things in common: (1) interesting with a side of full-passion, and (2) a character in a well-imagined story.

It’s pretty simple; albeit I have pictured that the all-Australian summer flavor to taste into what I quite like to think is pretty close to the Absolut Botanik: Berry Pear. Bottled up in layers of botanically infused flavors have taken a pizazz in quenching the summer thirst from the overly carbonated sweet drinks and cold brewed alcohol in the arvo into for some lingonberry-pear-rhubarb delicious mish-mash mixed with a tinge of vodka. Seems pretty justifying to me. And maybe, just maybe I could end the life pondering question of my pro-active foodie enthusiasm to finally figuring out what actually makes a really good jungle juice to my ‘absolut’ liking.

So, here’s a visual collection gathered, featuring Absolut Vodka’s kid sister Absolut Botanik:

But of course, always remember to drink responsibly.

Shot with Nikon D3300,
18-55mm lens.
Portrait outfit photographer // Nicole Fang
Editor & photographer// Shauna Voon


Look 1
Asilio The Label Top
Friend of Audrey Wide Leg White D-Ring Pants

Look 2
C/MEO Collective Talk It Out Top, Ivory || Source through: FSHNBNKR
Lumier By Bariano Arcadia Essence Midi Skirt



I absolutely love this!


Thank you love xx

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