And while I try to justify the awestruck moment I experienced, the beauty between the complementary juxtapose elements have brought a new meaning to my work and inspiration in editorial value. With curating a runway show that explains that street-luxury is not indifferent to the conventional fashion that everyone has grown one-sided to, it is about time we learn the true culture of fashion in its equal rights and diverse of expectation of trends to come.

So to speak that winter this year has got me catching on the serious flat-foot hugger syndrome. I’m practically turning into an advocate in channelling comfort rather than the experience of the short life struggles in heels. Loafers are starting to regain its ‘top spot’ on my to-go footwear list after being monopolized in “heels” for the past year. I had to rectify the justification of my sheer decision that I had biased myself and get back to the realness of flat-footing. Hashtag short people problem.

Back before 1995’s Met Gala, there were the appraisal work for the legendary and O.G of goals in #squadgoals. Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly aren’t aficionados in class alone, but practically the biggest influences on minimalism and monochromatic or of its oxymoron statement. Audrey Hepburn, who then commemorated the timeless LBD from Tiffany’s or the heaven match-making of Audrey and Hubert de Givenchy on Oscars for Roman Holiday – a memorable name and style that transcended ‘till today. Taken inspiration after inspiration and onwards, we can wish that we were friends of hers.

I am no aficionado in jewellery or the daily wardrobe essential hardware (considering that accessories have taken bias over and monopolizing my choices to man-tailored classic timepieces) – but then again, I try not to go beyond the nitty gritty details of exchanging anything hard-earned for something pretty, or abiding high-profile brands are starting to take on helm in light of anything-said-fashion. Or so, my temptations could bode any resistance to fulfilling my ever-so-farfetched bottomless-end bucket list.

Then again, we can only dream we could ever wear out our college tuition as arm candy stacked like Kylie Jenner.

It’s been some time since I found a place that I could frequent myself to call it my “second home” – by now, I guess ‘second’ could be a tad bit overused in my books. And by calling it “home” I meant being able to co-ordinate my local directional bearings and the seasonal “over-usage ‘slash’ reliance” of my Google Maps for my ultimate satire times of need. Perhaps, I’m expecting the unexpected gain of triumph over mapping my way religiously in and out of Sydney streets. I’m pretty hopeful. Though, it felt pretty good to be able to fit right in place – especially in a city that I could see myself living for the next couple of years.

I believe that the city has its charm over me. I’m swooned.