The greediness for these minutes to take a pause once in a while is getting more becoming. ‘Time’ is starting to turn into an opulent lifestyle disguised in the digital age where we’re all engrossed by the adhesive trending hypes – yet, we tend to forget the value behind those materialist just like time.

Time waits for no one, neither are designer handbags made on a whim for fashion.

I am no aficionado in jewellery or the daily wardrobe essential hardware (considering that accessories have taken bias over and monopolizing my choices to man-tailored classic timepieces) – but then again, I try not to go beyond the nitty gritty details of exchanging anything hard-earned for something pretty, or abiding high-profile brands are starting to take on helm in light of anything-said-fashion. Or so, my temptations could bode any resistance to fulfilling my ever-so-farfetched bottomless-end bucket list.

Then again, we can only dream we could ever wear out our college tuition as arm candy stacked like Kylie Jenner.

It’s been some time since I found a place that I could frequent myself to call it my “second home” – by now, I guess ‘second’ could be a tad bit overused in my books. And by calling it “home” I meant being able to co-ordinate my local directional bearings and the seasonal “over-usage ‘slash’ reliance” of my Google Maps for my ultimate satire times of need. Perhaps, I’m expecting the unexpected gain of triumph over mapping my way religiously in and out of Sydney streets. I’m pretty hopeful. Though, it felt pretty good to be able to fit right in place – especially in a city that I could see myself living for the next couple of years.

I believe that the city has its charm over me. I’m swooned.

A visual editorial piece that justifies pictures do speak a thousand words – or in this case, a thousand flavours. I enjoyed my time being able to stuff my face with food that I can only dream of every night or bloat my innards with full contentment of life. Being monochrome as my personal style, I was able to experience the different colours at my surroundings. Many firsts, and more new beginnings to enlighten my experiences and creativity to. And although, the full black combination constitutes the “multi-purpose” dresscode protocol in any given event, in my books – Madame Hanoi will always give the touch of colour in my memory.

I’m working every bone in my system to get myself mentally prepared for the early flight on-call even if my life is depended on not missing my hefty priced travel ticket that I have been saving up months for or inflict my lack of punctuality to a mob of angry taxi drivers in the wake of dawn (literally). Apparently the clock swings by faster than usual when you’re chasing for some time which unfortunately for me, I’m still keeping up in that “marathon”.

Achievement still not “unlocked”.