Another tear-jerking, weepy-eyed moment as per Maticevski’s 50 shades of affair with Ryan Storer’s silverware – Dion Lee delivered and upped the ante. Curating fluidity in the foundation of the collection on equal balances and going back to basics, the eponymous label that has been known to be a powerhouse to functional minimalism to womenswear … Continue Reading

With the end of 2016’s MBFWA event last month its time to head straight to the commemorator himself and his impeccable show for the weepy-teary eyed enthusiast for the arts. Maticevski, Toni Maticevski. A man of visionary lengths who builds his foundation with the eye of detailing and aesthetics, and one who doesn’t conform to said commerce standards that the digital age has bred. An editorial work of art and a testament of what the arts justify being. Maticevski is the man you call to lead a squad of incredible Australian designers.