So to speak that winter this year has got me catching on the serious flat-foot hugger syndrome. I’m practically turning into an advocate in channelling comfort rather than the experience of the short life struggles in heels. Loafers are starting to regain its ‘top spot’ on my to-go footwear list after being monopolized in “heels” for the past year. I had to rectify the justification of my sheer decision that I had biased myself and get back to the realness of flat-footing. Hashtag short people problem.

In collaboration with Cotton On’s 91:LTD Collection, got me reminiscing those 90’s days when denim were the rugged staples that made acceptable to the ‘cool’ statement – for me, it was probably that denim bell bottoms were the saving grace to skirts (like my parents would attest). Then again, who doesn’t love a good pair of comfort denims to-go – rhetorically speaking, I believe. Good denims should never be discriminated in the light of their brands but the end resulting quality and cut.

Once you go denim, you’ll never go back.

To think that I was any where close to being prepared for the cold this year, I had yet reach out to the gradually increasing number of outergarment layering that I have been looking forward for the past 2 seasons. Instead, I had lost my sense of seasonal bearings and juxtapose my way through the spine-chilling Melbourne cold. That being said, lace befits that juxtaposition pretty obviously well.

Back before 1995’s Met Gala, there were the appraisal work for the legendary and O.G of goals in #squadgoals. Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly aren’t aficionados in class alone, but practically the biggest influences on minimalism and monochromatic or of its oxymoron statement. Audrey Hepburn, who then commemorated the timeless LBD from Tiffany’s or the heaven match-making of Audrey and Hubert de Givenchy on Oscars for Roman Holiday – a memorable name and style that transcended ‘till today. Taken inspiration after inspiration and onwards, we can wish that we were friends of hers.

The greediness for these minutes to take a pause once in a while is getting more becoming. ‘Time’ is starting to turn into an opulent lifestyle disguised in the digital age where we’re all engrossed by the adhesive trending hypes – yet, we tend to forget the value behind those materialist just like time.

Time waits for no one, neither are designer handbags made on a whim for fashion.