It’s been some time since I found a place that I could frequent myself to call it my “second home” – by now, I guess ‘second’ could be a tad bit overused in my books. And by calling it “home” I meant being able to co-ordinate my local directional bearings and the seasonal “over-usage ‘slash’ reliance” of my Google Maps for my ultimate satire times of need. Perhaps, I’m expecting the unexpected gain of triumph over mapping my way religiously in and out of Sydney streets. I’m pretty hopeful. Though, it felt pretty good to be able to fit right in place – especially in a city that I could see myself living for the next couple of years.

I believe that the city has its charm over me. I’m swooned.

I’m working every bone in my system to get myself mentally prepared for the early flight on-call even if my life is depended on not missing my hefty priced travel ticket that I have been saving up months for or inflict my lack of punctuality to a mob of angry taxi drivers in the wake of dawn (literally). Apparently the clock swings by faster than usual when you’re chasing for some time which unfortunately for me, I’m still keeping up in that “marathon”.

Achievement still not “unlocked”.

If Ralph approves of it, then I don’t see why not. I attest to Ralph’s respectable approval. As my trip down to Singapore has been a great battle with the sun, I believe that the battle with comfort on plane rides are utmost severe than anything else. What makes a good comfort pillow style during … Continue Reading

How to save yourself from self-inflicting hyperthermia whilst having the need for a good blazer day out? Contradicting, indeed. Unconventionally, the only gamble that had stood my way is the thought of wearing my good pair of shoes for an untimely 11th hour rain shower and a blazer under the scorching sun. Well, while it … Continue Reading