Long and behold that my lack of existence up on this space has finally broke its ‘MIA’ streak. After time took a while on the deciding factor for a new revamp and redevelopment of Silhouettes of Chic, it’s about time to take the back seat and dive right back into what initiated this space in the first place.

And it starts with a long trip from the motherland back to the second-homeland, down under.

MBFWA 2017 – probably a huge year of transition from the last we saw last year, as it got bigger and better. Kicking in the celebrated week with an eye-opening experience as Dion Lee takes helm in his home turf as he cruised his resort 2018 collection by the sails of the Opera House. The NYFW veteran himself slayed the long breezy runway with a collection adorned with the muted basics and the primary colour triads. As he encapsulates the mood of the quay and the eerily soothing sounds of the waves clashing, there was no stop to his series of his eponymous army in full throttle down the 4 part aisle runway with introductions to his new menswear.

Another tear-jerking, weepy-eyed moment as per Maticevski’s 50 shades of affair with Ryan Storer’s silverware – Dion Lee delivered and upped the ante. Curating fluidity in the foundation of the collection on equal balances and going back to basics, the eponymous label that has been known to be a powerhouse to functional minimalism to womenswear has finally broaden its horizons to men’s. An exceptional variety from the pleasure of athleisure, godly silks, texture construction and the basic goodness in all things mish-mash as it was a take on his signature minimalism craft with simple silhouettes that is reflected by the warmth of Sydney’s sunset gaze over the ivory Opera House.

It basically screamed, “Go big or go home”.

And ‘big’ is the only vocabulary for this game.

It was an honor to have gone on the jolly ride of the all-express Dion Lee experience – as it was the vision of tailored suiting and the simple silhouette draping that started my interest in his work. The retrospective modern take on the primary colours was a justification that minimalism was beyond the colour spectrum we all know today – as the ideal of minimalism is not dictated by the artist’s colour wheel but the entirety of the artisanal composition. Although the battle against all odds of the overly-crowded venue or the struggle to grow taller for the next 30 mins to catch the right angle was nothing compared, as there was a perspective and an epiphany that only my awkward self would storyboard. And with that epiphany, in subconscious realization I caught nothing more a glimpse of the pieces in sea of people that was enough to sway the hearts to contentment.

Content, because as an artisan who understands the conceptual ideal of a confident woman does not only lie in the clothes she wears but the air of independence and confidence she carries with them, vice versa to men – analogous to ‘wearing the clothes but not let clothes wear you’. The aesthetic that the millennials are encouraged to undertake and learn as confidence is an aesthetic form that resides in all paradoxes of time; past, present and future. With the history behind the trends that Dion Lee is clear to impose, the take on tailor suiting or a geometric change to a modern take on the fedora for instance – exudes the balance the masculinity essence of confidence in complimentary to the femininity of fluidity as a freedom of comfort.

Introducing his menswear collection was yet another exemplary display of his vision – as menswear was taken with much meticulous detailing with pleats, pastels, and streamlines to neutralize the definitive battle against the sexes in a classical way. The knowledge of what balance deems in context itself comes in the form of garment construction in each hem to hem, pit to pit, and shoulder to shoulder. A simple equation yet defied by many over the years, that the understatement of harmonizing the extremism of reality with minimalism undermines confidence as the everyday armory. Yet, by redefining the essence of luxury in the simplest silhouetting will only show the true nature of minimalism without going through the odyssey of the colourless and desaturates.

It was definitely something to look forward to with no second wasted by hovering the question if I got what I needed or if this will justify my inspiration – well I believe I have answered my dilemma right there and then. Another bucket-list-worthy showstopper that subtly inspired me in the biggest impact possible, I was easily reminded by the root of my inspiration and aspiration for the industry that I have honestly, forgotten. I’m back, troopers.

Thank you, Dion Lee.

Photographed and edited by Shauna Voon

Shot with Nikon D3300, 18-55mm lens

For more on Dion Lee’s latest Resort 2018 collection, visit:
IG: @_dion_lee_
Site: www.dionlee.com

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