Ever since I was young and barely literate in fashion vocabulary or even able to fathom the innards of the industry’s anatomy of impenetrable exclusives, I have always understood fashion as a ‘freedom of speech’ without the obvious need for ‘words’ to compel any comprehensible meaning. I never had the complexity of understanding the nitty gritty details of what I know now as an adult and what the digital age has bred reality into, but an understanding of the overall inspiration in character through colours, silhouettes, textures and layers. At 12, I did not have the concern of an average kid rather than my mother’s conspicuous ideal dressing up game on me, or the tactless desire to dabble my imagination in the world of Japanese anime.

The cat’s out of the bag, everyone.

Then again I would have never thought that in 11 years time I would want to visualize the future of fashion as an inclusive community for the realists and relatable individuals in a vortex that has grown unbeknownst as the definitive “exclusivity and nothing else” industry. The ironic industry has stricken to be a haven for creativity, flow of aesthetics and curated from an artisanal value that ‘fashion’


is desirably a term smacked somewhere in that dusty thesaurus we bid adieu over the many years. Yet, just before I thought that the fashion has bred an army of ‘feathers flock together’Faith Connexion Paris changed that perspective and expectation we forgot we all had there.

That is, the trifactor of what makes everything more ‘human’: individuality, diversity and equality.

Oui, that is what we also call: humanely comforting.

Making a debut walking down the tributed construction of the Hubba Hideout, Faith Connexion was a fitting aesthetic that portrayed the formidable lifestyle outside of the high almighty glamour of the glitz and basically, anything primed. Rustic, colourful and unconventional takes helm on the industry’s creative sanity and be construed as a balancing factor to the whole equation. The label has redefined the essence of ‘colours of equality’ in a collection with what ‘extremism’ truly represents; yet, all while building a foundation as a fine novelty within the industry that has earned a lot of respect from not only the community but even, the general public.

Faith Connexion has rebelled against the conformity of what creativity has summed up to this date in an unconventional and inevitably unexpected fashion – from layers of laces to layers of textures, or from the graffiti abstracting to the oddly satisfying frayed hems; there is no one definitive

aesthetic but a number of contrasting aesthetics to curate as one whole. The newfound love and deep appreciation for art on garment-wearing has seen new light and I’m moved. Clearly.

And while I try to justify the awestruck moment I experienced, the beauty between the complementary juxtapose elements have brought a new meaning to my work and inspiration in editorial value. With curating a runway show that explains that street-luxury is not indifferent to the conventional fashion that everyone has grown one-sided to, it is about time we learn the true culture of fashion in its equal rights and diverse of expectation of trends to come.

I believe, it’s all about being experimental and open-minded.

I have been away from this space for way too long, and am glad that Absolut Botanik was able to introduce MADE Sydney into my life with complementary berry-pear vodka mixers the quench the endless summer thirst. Without the usual commentary of my absence from this space, I rather focus on the bigger picture on the work that has led me thus far. With that, new collaborative editorial work are coming soon in this space – with much to discuss and visuals to share.

Till the next time,

Over and out.

Photographer and Editor // Shauna Voon

Shot with Nikon D3300,
14-55mm lens


MADE Sydney
Faith Connexion Paris
(IG: @faithconnexionparis)

Special thanks
Absolut Botanik

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