Digging in deep with the seasonal trends and the subtle colour notes is not exactly my forte – well, not as much as, my pure ‘expertise’ have granted me coordinating with 50 shades of black consistently. Yes I take pride of my monochromatic “instincts”, in jest. Recently I’ve dived myself into the recreation classic favourites just in time for winter and its untimely schizophrenic mood swings. From back in the ages of the epitomized ‘9-5’ working women to today’s 24-umpteenth hour work regime (or, hibernating bears like yours truly) to revisit some of the trend setting early days are loafers and boxed bags that currently hinders my desire to resist. Here’s why.

So to speak that winter this year has got me catching on the serious flat-foot hugger syndrome. I’m practically turning into an advocate in channelling comfort rather than the brutal experience of the short life struggles in heels. Loafers are starting to regain its ‘top spot’ in my to-go footwear list after being monopolized in “heels” for the past year as I had to rectify the justification of my sheer decision that I had biased myself and get back to the realness of flat-footing. Hashtag short people problem. With this being a probable change that my colour aesthetic control is beyond my self-discipline for the first time, I’m already on a roll of the unorthodox; especially in the area of new colour coordination as a start in light of mish-mashing a pair of powder blue footwear and subtle glitter-bomb hint accessories than the obvious intent of my colour desaturated choice.

It all began with the historical impact on loafers being Gucci’s infamous signature chained leather pieces and boxed baggage being Louis Vuitton’s leather travel trunk goodness, these pieces have gone as far as being an iconic ‘skeleton’ for current designers to construct their tastes. For instance Charles and Keith has channeled the deep appreciation to recreate something into its own skin and was in another step forward to tapping the creative and innovative eye that dwells on the traditional definition on comfort footing and convenience baggage. Though I digress that it’s never about searching for the best dupe, but always looking for the ‘next best thing’ with these seasonal trends.

Trust me at this; no one gains anything spewing hard-earned ‘anything’ for the nitty gritty details of “reality” that is obviously beyond your own credit card limit.

Point blank.

And since I have come to the fact that these ‘things’ will never run away (no pun intended), the power and degree of digital commerce have absolutely bestow us with what we used to know about fine value as “artisanal goods” into what we call today as “luxury goods”. Regardless that the fashion industry is being stereotyped as a form of materialism and indulgence, it’s time to appreciate the designers/labels who are taking the helm of seasonal trends to recreate their own art.

Asilio The Label top | Friend of Audrey Black Split Pants | Charles & Keith Loafers | Pacifico Optical Sunglasses | Calvin Klein Bralette |

in this photo: Friend of Audrey Black Split Pants | Charles & Keith Loafers | Pacifico Optical Sunglasses |

photo (right): Asilio The Label White Blazer | Friend of Audrey Black Split Pants | Charles & Keith Boxed Bag | Pacifico Optical Sunglasses |

It’s not an appreciation for the art of ‘imitation’ but for the ‘recreation and innovation’ of the classics – the proper analogy to fashion in the modern era, I believe. Like how boxed baggaging these days have evolved from the 20’s gem-like dinner clutches to today’s staple carry-ons – and, not made for the in-house pseudo-corporate but a statement that we can all appreciate its companionship when out and about, especially the early AM brunching dates.

Being able to work alongside Charles and Keith to recreate the simplicity in these classic essence infused with the modern take on fashion has definitely given light to something new to think about. With social pressure getting more real everyday throughout social media, it’s a definitely a good breather from society’s highly regarded goods to stop and appreciate something that is within the affordability plan and budget range. Then again, nothing could get any better than these aesthetics and quality.

Charles & Keith, you never disappoint as usual. Not once, even after a decade of aesthetic evolution.

Stay tuned for new updates coming soon. Over and out.


Asilio The Label White Blazer | Friend of Audrey Black Split Pants | Charles & Keith Boxed Bag | Pacifico Optical Sunglasses | Calvin Klein Bralette | 66 The Label Silk Neckwear |

Photography, styling and editor // Shauna Voon


Charles & Keith F/W 2016

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Shot with Nikon D3300
14-55mm lens

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