Like diamonds, denims are the rock in the rough in fashion. Cliché in its own way but still an all-time classic favourite garment by many. With denim keeping the balance in the fashion-social democracy of industrial trends, they are ideal to the susceptible changing (schizophrenic) seasons. Take it as the ‘black’ in texture or your saving grace during those said less flattering or lazy days. From mom jeans to skinnies to boyfriends and now, even jumpsuits – denim has evolved its versatility that transcended through the wee back times when all-denim was a thing. Maybe close to back when, Britney and Justin were the Brad and Ange of the 90’s in their attempt with the all-denim combo. Once you go denim, you’ll never go back.

In collaboration with Cotton On’s 91:LTD Collection, its got me reminiscing those 90’s days when denim were the rugged staples that made acceptable ‘cool’ to the statement – don’t get me started on bandanas and popping collars. For me, it was probably that denim bell bottoms were the saving grace to skirts (like my parents would attest). Then again, who doesn’t love a good pair of comfort denims to-go – rhetorically speaking, I believe. Good denims should never be discriminated in the light of their brands but the end resulting quality and cut.

If it doesn’t flatter, it doesn’t make the cut. Point blank.

The trade secret in one-pieces are in the hands of layering. Keep it simple and innovative. For instance, take the powerhouse jumpsuit, a close resemblance to the iconic ‘Rosie the Riveter’ classic – layering is fairly justifiable under and over the piece if what not, no layering at all. Though in this case, a crisp white shirt will never go wrong. The spontaneous confidence to reinventing a classic piece into modern styling and never in doubt with mish-mashing this classic texture is the key to denim flair. And probably the heart-wrenching hard-earned investment for a good ol’ staple.

Its that double-edged sword placebo effect, I believe.

Don’t fret, though.

The cost for good denims shouldn’t be dictated by numbers and price tags (although, reality persist that it does – and unfortunately, it really does). But, I’m an optimist. That being said, designer or labels bargs are the second trade secret to denims. If a three-digit piece that doesn’t start with 1 is as good as the one with two-digits, the latter seem oddly subjective in this debate matter. It’s may survival guide to ‘smart’ expenditure with a hint of better feasibility. Then again, the third secret is to not be advocated by the ‘branding’ impulse. Trust me, it’s pretty contagious – best not to catch on to it.

And that’s when Cotton On Denim Collection came into surprise being the saviour of our wallets with a strong aesthetic game.

Though so as to speak, the 12 year old me would have approved anyway.

Over and out.

Self-portrait in collaboration with Cotton On
Featuring // The Limited Denim Boiler Jumpsuit
From the Limited Edition Denim Collection, 91:LTD


Shot with Nikon D3300
18-55mm lens

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MissGuided White Shirt
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